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The Counterfeit Heart: Stepping Back Into the Real World and Recovering From the Nightmare of Loving a Narcissistic Man Read my story, and learn what it is like to be with a narcissist, what to expect during the relationship and at the end of the relationship. Discover why they do what they do and why you feel like you feel. Preview the first page here.
Scammed by Love: One-hundred Yellow Bricks 100 Facts, tips, and encouragements to help you understand and recover from the narcissist. Preview the first page here.
How to Break Free From Their Spell Recover fom a breakup with a narcissist. Learn why you are so enmeshed with the narcissist and how to break yourself free. Preview the first page above.
Daily Inspirations for Those Recovering from a Narcissist Daily devotions and inspirations that will awe and inspire you with their acute accuracy, sympathetic perceptions and invaluable insights on recovering from a narcissist. Loaded with beautiful quotes, pictures, and thoughts to help mend and heal your battered heart after their narcissism has destroyed it. Preview the first page here.


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