A Poem For a Coward

(Oh! What a Sloth!)

There once was a man
or was it a mouse?
who dumped his responsibilities
(his dogs, bills, and house)

He dumped them all squarely
on an overwhelmed, weary lady
while he slithered off merrily
to be a rockstar at 80

He made up lies
of being strong-armed and beat
when all along
he was the one that was mean

(Oh ! what a sloth)

Newton's apple
didn't fall far from the tree;
both father and son walked out
on their responsibility

Off to a land
where their hungry male egos could feed
nesting garbage away
like a mouse does with cheese

(Oh ! what a sloth)

Like father he now sits
in his hole all a mess
and forgets all about
the bills that he left....

(her struggles he could care less!)

And he saves up his money
to buy itunes by the scores
while she skimps and saves
to pay bills that aren't even hers

One day she 'woke up'
and said to herself,
"I must be crazy,
I must need help...
for why else would I
struggle so
if it's not for me
but for a coward's ego?"

So from that day forward
she didn't a penny more pay
"Take it all," she laughed,
"it's NOT in my name!"

Take the house
the furniture, too
take the TV I bought
to help him recoup!

You can have the front yard
where I wanted him to rest
you can take the car
it passed the gig test!

You can take the chair
with the oil-stain from his head
where he slept every night
to avoid getting in bed

You can take what he spit out
but note please do make
all the music he took
among other things which I paid

The good stuff is gone
he left me his mess
The bills and repairs
the damned IRS

The spent leftovers
from his years without wage
he left them all here
for me to mop off his stage 

The worry, the pain,
the everyday stress
But I now mirror it right back...
he's been 'outed' I guess!

If he worried so
about saving his name
he should have paid his bills
instead of his games!

It was all very stupid
buying itunes instead
of being a realist
and paying his debts

All of his women
he left holding the bag
as if 'walking away' pardoned him
from being a man

So here today
I give it all back
The stress he caused
by the balls that he lacked!


Sorry to have heard your DNA was passed on yet again.