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The Narcissistic Man - How to Recognize Him

Narcissism - In A Man
By 'Breaking Up With Your Narcissist'

Narcissism - How to Spot it In Your Man

Because it is so difficult to get involved in a real relationship anymore, women often overlook tendencies their man has simply to stay in the relationship. One of these tendencies that women should not overlook is narcissism. If your man suffers from this, or shows signs from this, it might be time to end things with him for your own sake. Many people do not talk about this trait as being a problem for relationships, but that only is because they never had to deal with it. It is deeper than the man simply loving himself. It can cause grave relationship problems.

If you are trying to look for the common signs of narcissism, the main one to find is your man's inability to empathize with other's feelings. When your man has this trait, it is a huge relationship problem because the time will come, if it has not already, when it is important for him to care about your problems as if they were his. A narcissist man cannot do that. They think they are the only ones who matter, so they often will overlook your problems as you nagging or complaining. Another common trait to look for is power. This type of man usually thinks they are worth more than anyone else and that they deserve to be treated better than anyone else.

Breaking up with a histrionic narcissist? Be prepared for the battle of your life! While you are an emotional basketcase, he is as Cold as Ice! While you are left holding down the fort and dealing with the real-life responsibilities, he walks away from everything leaving you to mop off his stage and pay his bills. He will punish you in ways you couldn't possibly have ever imagined...

....and not even acknowledge it to himself! Why? Because he's off charming the socks off of new women as if your years together didn't even exist!

The narcissistic ex continually acts in abusive, bewildering and confusing ways. He is not above committing destructive acts. When the breakup becomes a reality, it is likely that his 'false persona' will completely disappear all together and you will most likely experience the most hurtful of behavior from him. He is completely lacking in empathy, and - since he is not receiving any admiration from you anymore - he will dismiss you and discard you as worthless to him, consequently dropping any fake front that he use to put up in order to keep you in the relationship. Click here to join us at our 'Breaking Up & Dealing With a Narcissist' community brought to you by Tigress Luv

Another strong trait of narcissism is envy. Because they feel as if they deserve to be treated better, they will become extremely envious of anyone who is treated better in their minds. This also can be seen if you have a great accomplishment under your belt. Instead of being proud of you like a healthy companion would, he will think you were not worthy of the accomplishment and become envious of you. From a relationship standpoint, this is exceptionally bad behavior.

If your relationship shows any of these signs, your man could be suffering from narcissism. There are two options you then can do. You can stick with him and try to get over all of his faults, or you can end the relationship. You have to weigh both sides and see which one you can handle doing. You have to remember that, although you might be able to change parts of him, he will not change being narcissistic. Many women do not see any of these awful qualities until the relationship gets serious because they tend to idolize people in the beginning of relationships.

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By 'Breaking Up With Your Narcissist'

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